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American Bully Kennel on the snake river

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About us
The goals within our breeding program are to produce Superior "Bully Style" American Pitbull Terriers that are short and stocky with large block heads and wide chests. We also think that while selectively breeding bully style APBT's we should keep as close to the UKC standard as possible. This is something that separates us from most bully breeders. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on raising the bar for excellent temperaments and providing our clients with the "Ultimate Family Bully". Every single one of our dogs are raised as part of "OUR PACK" and raised in a family environment with other pets and children. In our quest to improve the public image of this excellent breed we will not sell a dog to anyone that is not ready to handle the responsibility of owning an American Pit Bull Terrier. 
We are a small Hobby Kennel located in Marsing Idaho on the Snake river. Our specialty is bully style American Pit Bull Terriers. All of our American Pit Bull Terriers are purple ribbon UKC registered. Our main focus as a kennel is to serve as positive breed ambassadors for the American Pit Bull Terrier. Despite the negative stigma the APBT has been branded with we believe a smarter, more loyal, family friend does not exist. Studs available, contact for details.